Dr. Michael Johnson and His Father, Dr. Richard Johnson

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Paige Green

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natural, affordable beauty with gabriel cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics is a Northwest-based company and has been in business for 25 years, thriving on its affordability, transparency and clean products. 
Gabriel Cosmetics is considered a pioneer in the natural product industry and offers a beauty, skin care and children’s line. The man behind the magic is CEO and founder Gabriel DeSantino. Gabriel is a very hands-on CEO and is…


Makers are what shape the culture of a community, and the Bellevue and Seattle areas have unique and vibrant neighborhoods. Here are six Instagram accounts of local talent that will inspire your DIY projects this year in addition to leaving you inspired to shop locally. Enjoy!


Four passionate instructors turned their lives upside to open the first SoulCycle studio in the Pacific Northwest. Teaching a powerful mind-body class that features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training and rhythm-based choreography makes for some unforgettable experiences. Sharing those moments are what tightens the bond between this wild bunch. 

Cheers to the New Year

"The greatest gift I’ve received in the past year has been the community I’ve found in Bellevue that has now become family. My faith in God has to me to be present, patient and open to change. I’ve learned that when you trust your heart and take a leap of faith, you either learn from the fall or you land…

Thanksgiving Traditions

"Every year my family gets together for Thanksgiving. We eat roast turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes and stuffing, and the basset hound waits by our feet for scraps from the kids. After dinner, we pull out the pumpkin pie … and the bingo set. We play for presents and bragging rights. Some of us have better attention…

Sea Gals

Downtown Bellevue Park, the modern and peaceful neighborhood landmark should be difficult to surpass in beauty, and it was ... until Sea Gals Bianca, Kristin, Olivia, Michelle, Hannah and Kelsey arrived. Nearing the golden hour on a calm and warm Bellevue weeknight, I was greeted by six sparkling gals, the Sea Gals.