Kitty Literature

In May 2014, nine families began a program at Seattle Humane Society to help socialize kittens, while giving kids a purpose to practice reading aloud in a judgement-free, audience-free environment. Today, more than 230 families participate in the Kitty Literature program, helping nearly 150 cats get comfortable with human interaction and more socialized.

A Look Inside: Brian Paquette Interiors

Brian Paquette was kind of enough to invite us to his gorgeous home and workspace in Seattle to chat about what makes him the sought-after high-end interior designer he is. Brian is friendly and chipper, and I immediately took in his humble charm as he showed us around, offering us espresso and answering our many questions about his unique pieces on…

Thriving in Midlife

”We’re not stopping with menopause. It’s just the beginning to the second half of a woman’s life. We’re preparing women now as they go through this hormonal transition for long-term health concerns.” –Jill Angelo, CEO of genneve

Medina Marvel

John Buchan Homes is uniquely Northwest, with roots planted here in the early 1960s. Its first new home community was built on Mercer Island, and before long, the company was building throughout the Puget Sound, never losing focus of the Eastside. John Buchan always prided himself on craftsmanship, artistry and perfection. Heather Dosch, the company’s CEO, continues her father’s same passion…

Tailor Made

 Article Jordan Blaine | Photography Life N Light  An empire founded on French sophistication combined with a business that prides itself on exceptional customer service, Neiman Marcus has been selling high-end clothing and accessories since 1907.  “We remain focused on our founding principles: incredible merchandise, a service model based on the relationships we have with our customers and a commitment to serve…


In 1623, Shakespeare declared “All the world's a stage.” Fast forward to 1985. Barb Schwarz pioneered the "staging” concept, and real estate turned Shakespeare’s metaphor into an operative phrase. 

Making Wine Tasting Fun and Better

“We make things better, and then we have fun,” Bryan Otis says. A second later he modestly amends it to, “We try to make things better, but we definitely have fun.” That’s a theme that has run deep in the Otis family endeavors.They have roots in Bellevue going back to Bryan’s grandparents, Jack and Mary Jane Powell. Jack moved to…