Stylish Senses 14

Indulge Your Stylish Side This Holiday Season with Jewel-Tone Dresses, Platform Heels and Show-Stopping Outerwear

This holiday season is all about me. And it should be all about you, too.

Once a year something magical happens; we gather with everyone we know and love to revel in the joy of the most wonderful time of year.

For this occasion, I want to look and feel my very best. Cue the facials, nail appointments and extra Pilates. I’m telling you, I take this more seriously than my summer body!

I start considering what holiday engagements I’ll attend (or hope to be invited to!) as soon as October hits. What do I want to wear, who do I want to be? Or perhaps, what impression do I want to have on a new group of people? 

This year, the answer is confident with a big scoop of fabulous on top.

Make yourself—and your style—a priority throughout the holidays. Feel inspired by jewel-tone gowns, gold platform heels, wine-colored sequin dresses, suede pants and show-stopping outerwear. Take it to the next level with classic accessories: diamonds and pearls.

Consider yourself approved to go as big as you want as 2019 comes to a close.

–Annie Abbott, style consultant, founder of Anne Townsend