These are the days we live for.  Summertime in the PNW feels like summer camp—yes for kids, but even more so for adults. If you don’t agree, I’d say you might be doing it all wrong! The nights are longer and warmer; everyone is in a better mood and more social, more active. I find it’s almost impossible to get solid work done in these summer months—not because I’m not trying, but because almost everyone else is on vacation or leaving the office early for some type of adventure. We all know we’ve earned it after some solid months of rain, and it’d be a waste if we treated these incredible summer months any other way. Drive by Lake Washington on a sunny day, even mid-week, and you’ll see no shortage of boats, seaplanes, paddle boards, etc. From the water to the mountains, we’ve got our options, and almost everyone is out exploring.

In this issue of Bellevue Lifestyle, we help remind you why summer in the PNW is like summer camp with our features focusing on music, boating and vacation homes. We invite you to use pages XX-XX [Boating Made CareFree] as your guide to boating made easy with a look at CareFree Boat club. This month is also a great opportunity to discover our local music scene at various venues like The Gorge Amphitheatre, Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, Marymoor Park, and White River Amphitheater. And if you find yourself considering a purchase of a vacation home, check out pages XX-XX [Dream Vacation Homes] for some inspiration.  

With so much to see and do this month, we only scratched the surface of what our area has to offer—but we hope this issue gets you off to a good start. Happy exploring, Bellevue! We hope to see you around!