Bellevue Embroidery & Gifts Inspires You to Be a Better Gift Giver

‘Tis the season for giving, and no matter the occasion, one should always come prepared with a gift worth having. Evelyn Hou, the owner, designer, brander and specialist at Bellevue Embroidery & Gifts, has been helping our community with gift giving since opening her doors almost 23 years ago. 

“You want to give a gift that is practical,” she says. “We live in the Pacific Northwest; we use certain things every day.”

Her suggestions range from large bags and take-home Champagne or wine glasses to coffee mugs and tumblers. 

“We are a coffee community. Give people something that will keep their drinks warm on the way to work or around the house,” she says. 

“Year-end and Christmas parties are times for recognition. Logo or specialized gifts are great if you have a bigger budget; if you give them something that is less expensive, it might not last as long,” she says. “The cost of doing something nicer is not that much more. If it lasts three or four times longer, your branding remains that long too.” 

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1. 21-ounce Standard Mouth Hydroflask, $32.95,

2. Rugged Twill Tote Bag, $195, 

3. ShedRain Mid-compact Umbrella, $35.50,

4. Gold Monogram Mug, $12.95, 

5. Estate Champagne Wine Glasses (set of 2), $24.95- 49.95, 

6. Women’s Anna Reversible Bicolor Tote Bag, $118.00,