How the Founders of LankyBox Rose to Internet Superstardom

What exactly is influencing? According to Merriam-Webster, the definition is “one that exerts influence.” Adam McArthur and Justin Kroma, founders of LankyBox, are influencing millions from our very own neighbor, Seattle.

LankyBox refers to both influencers’ height—Adam and Justin are both over 6 feet tall—as well as the way they view videos as lanky boxes. After spending several minutes watching their YouTube channel, it was hard not to adore the humorous and talented duo.

Producing, directing and editing their own content, LankyBox’s videos are one-of-a-kind. Recreating famous K-Pop music videos, Adam and Justin make zero-budget remakes full of creativity and humor—the duo can’t help but laugh themselves at times.

Based out of both Seattle and Los Angeles, Adam and Justin haven’t always been the success story they are today. The two met three years ago at an international film festival.

“We had liked each other’s films. We both found them funny, and we just got along and connected that way,” Justin says.

In the beginning of their career as LankyBox, Justin and Adam launched a commercial video and production house.

“We started to succeed in that, but after clients work we would make random videos and start posting them on the Internet. It started just as fun, and some of them really took off,” Justin says.

The duo launched their YouTube channel and Instagram account in July 2016. With two years of social media stardom under their belts, the duo shows no signs of slowing down.

“We just want to continue to entertain our fans. We want to give more to the community and more to our following,” they say.

With multiple viral videos plus their millions of social media followers, Adam and Justin are now recognized by the public in their everyday lives.

“It’s been an odd blend between personal life and professional life. Managing personal life and public life has been an interesting transition. It’s been awesome. We love having people say hi,” Adam says.

No one ever reaches success without first going through trials and tribulations. The LankyBox team was no exception.

“We’ve been rained out during shooting, had a car break down and countless things go wrong on set. But overall, it’s all been really positive,” Justin says.

So, what’s next for the young stars?

“We just want to expand what we are doing currently. At some point, we might tap into directing on a larger stage than the Internet. Maybe one day we’ll transition to TV, but we are really enjoying what we are doing right now,” Adam says.

Not only are the two influencers focused on the growth of their business and following, they’re also focused on bettering themselves personally.

“We want to start getting involved with charity work and giving away some of our proceeds. When we reach that point it will be quiet,” Justin says.

Receiving so much positive feedback and encouragement on Lankybox, Justin and Adam are still in awe of their popularity.

“We had a fan in Australia send us a video of our viral chicken nugget video being talked about on the radio over there. When we see people supporting us like that it’s just nuts. We don’t travel globally that much,” Justin says.

Starting from obscurity to overnight Internet sensations, LankyBox is pleased with their experience in the entertainment world.

“We’ve met so many people along the way. All the people who have helped us in Los Angeles, other influencers, the people we’ve met is crazy,” Adam says.

Priding themselves on filming with a zero-dollar budget, Adam and Justin encourage their viewers to do the same.

“We want to encourage everyone—whatever you have—pursue it. A lot of people end up waiting. If we would have waited to be filmmakers, we never would have made it anywhere. If you live that zero-budget mentality, if you have the desire, you can do it,” Justin says.