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What to Bring When VW Van Camping

Peace Van Rentals are sure to provide a nostalgic twist to your camping adventure. Whether it’s your first time in a VW Van or you have memories of them from your youth, you can’t help but love the vintage vibe and feel taken back in time when getting behind the wheel. The vans are equipped with beds, a fridge, a dining area and a popup tent. With the abundant Northwest camping destinations nearby, fond summer memories are sure to be made. PeaceVansRentals.com

1. Snow Peak French Press Titanium, $55.95, REI.com
2. Camp Chef Everest Two-Burner Camp Stove, $99.95 LLBean.com
3. Grubstick 13-Piece Deluxe Campfire Cook Kit, $69.95, REI.com
4. ARB Fridge Freezer 50-quart, $924, REI.com
5. Big Agnes Wiley 30 Sleeping Bag, $259.95-$279.95, REI.com
6. JBL Charge 3 Portable Speaker, $149.95, REI.com
7. GSI Outdoors nForm Crossover Kitchen Kit, $37.95, REI.com
8. Kelty Discovery Low-Love Seat, $99.95, REI.com
9. Nite Ize Radiant 200 Collapsible Lantern + Flashlight, $29.95, REI.com
10. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookset, $139.95, REI.com