An Olympian's Workout 6

Featuring Norris Fredrick

This name might sound familiar to you. However, if it doesn’t, it should. Norris Fredrick is our local professional track and field athlete as well as an Olympian. To add to his resume of accomplishments he is also a three-time indoor bronze medalist for Team USA. He is the epitome of modern-day success and an all-around powerhouse of a man. From Roosevelt High School to earning his bachelor’s and MBA from the University of Washington, Norris is also a leader in our community. You may see his name on videography, notice his face on campaigns or already be following him on his lucrative social media channels. With the 2020 Summer Olympics on the horizon, his schedule consists of training, working, sleep and repeat. Here, Bellevue and Seattle’s favorite Olympian shares a workout.

Lunges, with or without weights

4 sets of 12

Ab wheel (Not doing it from your knees is a better way to activate your entire abdomen.)

4 sets of 8

Stretches (Hold each stretch for 15 seconds with calm, subtle breathing.)

15 seconds/stretch

Box Jumps

4 sets of 8

Squat Jumps

2 sets of 20

Jump rope

4 minutes

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