Vice President of OnStage Home Staging Shares the Latest Trends

Beginning her career as a designer in Portland, Whitley Wirkkala is now vice president of powerful home staging company OnStage. 

“Ever since I was a little girl I would lock myself in my room all weekend to rearrange, and no one could come in until it was finished,” Whitley says about growing up with a love for design. 

Turning her passion into her career, she joined arms with a unique company, OnStage, a design staging company that believes the biggest trend of all is a timeless look.

“We are seeing a use of metals combined with wood, white linen to neutrals and floral to bring warmth,” Whitley says, explaining design trends we are seeing now. 

“You want to stay away from bright colors when you are trying to sell a home—use a light gray or neutral rug to soften a look,” she says. “Oversized furniture takes the feminine space and adds a touch of masculinity.”

Having created and staged many homes, Whitley explains her passion.

“Staging isn’t glamorous. It’s the whole transformation,” she says. “It’s when you finish placing accessories or hanging the art, and you realize what you’ve done. It’s just seeing a room come to life.” 

“Trends are fun but it’s your style and that’s whatever makes you excited to come into your space.”


  1. Coordinate your floral choice with the space colors; it should be proportionate to its surroundings. Green gives neutral colors a simple pop of freshness. 
  2. Use an appropriately sized vase for your arrangement. Think of it as the frame displaying the art. The vase should hold its place in the overall appearance of the centerpiece. 
  3. The arrangement becomes the focal point. Make sure its placement lets it be admired!