ARZU Studio Hope Helps Afghan Weavers Out of Poverty

Founded by CEO and Chairman Connie Duckworth, ARZU began in Afghanistan in 2004. With a four-person team and 30 weavers, ARZU created a social entrepreneurship empire that has since grown into a life-changing business. 

“I wore 35 pounds of body armor plus a helmet, rode in humvees outside the wire, flew in an Osprey and took some of the Marine officers to Bamyan Province to show them ARZU’s social programs,” Duckworth, weaving a brighter picture of what ARZU has endured, explains.

ARZU supports more than 400 weavers and thousands of their family members to help grow past poverty. The weavers earn 68 percent more than the average Afghan, 55 percent own their own home, and 100 percent of the weavers are literate when 90 percent of rural Afghan women are not. The economic empowerment that ARZU provides is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, allowing the weavers access to community development, education and health care. 

Building a preschool, family park, a women’s community center and garden, as well as housing, ARZU has forever impacted the Bamyan way of life. 

With exceptional work from the weavers, ARZU’s rugs are sold to socially conscious clients such individuals, designers and globally responsible corporations. By purchasing an ARZU rug, you are contributing to a social enterprise that is opening doors for many women. 

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