Ann Molitor and Zuri Hector’s 
Yarrow Point home is comfortable and modern

Beautiful views and proximity to city centers of both Seattle and the Eastside makes the town of Yarrow Point one of Bellevue’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Nestled in by Lake Washington on all three sides, the Yarrow Point peninsula boasts charming homes amongst natural Pacific Northwest landscapes.  

Meet Ann Molitor and Zuri Hector, residents of Yarrow Point whose custom-designed and built home is eye-catching and modern, while also warm and welcoming. The couple met while attending the University of Southern California, and now call Bellevue home with their two sons, Jared, 19, and Ayden, 16. 

Zuri grew up in San Francisco, and Ann was born and raised in Bellevue. Jared attends Stanford University, and Ayden is a sophomore at Eastside Catholic. 

Both Zuri and Ann are in the real estate industry. Zuri and his partner and fellow Bellevue resident Greg Arms run Milestone Northwest, an Eastside real estate development and building company.  Ann, an attorney, works side by side with her four sisters and one brother running their family business, Greenbank Development—named after their family cabin on Whidbey Island. 

Greenbank and Milestone collaborate on several projects throughout the Eastside, including Ann’s and Zuri’s home. Their house was designed for exactly the way they live: unfussy and informal. As a result, you will not find a formal dining or living room because they are a casual bunch who host family and friends often but do so while plunked down in front of a TV with food in their laps. Their home is a mixture of contemporary design and finishes with touches of family antiques and inherited pieces.