with Pure Barre’s 15-Minute Booty Blast

It’s now 2018 and your New Year’s resolution is self-care, but where do you start? Answer: Pure Barre! This full-body workout is low impact but high intensity, with a focus on stretching between sections, leaving you with the desirable lean muscles of a dancer. This workout thrives on using small and isometric movements that get the body shaking. This is called your “working zone,” the place where you find optimal results! And, with this 15-minute workout (focused on the booty), you won’t even have to leave your home to reap the benefits that Pure Barre has to offer.

The below exercises are at-home friendly, so no need to go out and buy new equipment. All you will need is yourself, a go-getter attitude and a sassy playlist. Speaking of a playlist, here are several crowd-pleasing songs at the Bellevue studio to inspire you:

“Papi” – J. Lo

”Push It” – Salt’N’Pepa

”Lose Control” – Missy Elliott

”Run the World (Girls)” – Beyoncé

”Pure Grinding” (ISHi Remix) – Avicii

”Ain’t That Fresh” – futurcop!

Now that you have your music on and are ready to go, find an open space in your home to complete the following 15-minute booty blast.

Starting with the right side first, come arm distance away from a wall, bringing your palms slightly wider than your shoulders on the wall. Keep a slight bend to the elbows and head lifted. Bend your right knee and bring your heel to your booty with a flexed foot. Then, slide the right knee back 2 inches behind the left knee. The hips will stay parallel to the wall the entire time. Lastly, always remember to keep your core engaged—this will help protect your low back and stabilize the entire body.

  1. 1. Squeeze heel to seat/hamstring curls 30x
  2. 2. Extend and bend leg 30x
  3. 3. Straighten leg: small circles of the leg 30x
  4. 4. Reverse direction small circles 30x
  5. 5. Small leg lifts 30x

Now that you are done working the base of the seat on the right side, come down to the floor and find your hands and knees to work the outer booty/outer hip. Once you are on all fours, lower down to your left forearm, but keep a slight bend in the right elbow. Next, extend your right leg back at a diagonal (where four would be on a clock), and bend the right knee, bringing your heel to the booty. Lastly, turn your right hip out slightly and engage your lower abs.

  1. 1. Knee bent/foot flexed, lower and lift leg 30x
  2. 2. Hold leg at hip height, little lifts 30x
  3. 3. Slide knee forward (to elbow) and back 30x
  4. 4. Hold knee forward, little lifts 30x (for an added challenge, straighten the leg)

Repeat on left side.

Once you have finished working both sides, you are going to balance everything out with three more minutes of booty-
blasting fun!

Now is the time to find your favorite song, turn it up and finish strong! Come to your back, and rest your head with arms by your sides. Bend your knees, so your feet are flat on the ground, hip distance apart and parallel. Squeeze your booty to bring your hips into a bridge position. Form check: you should be able to draw one line from your knees all the way to down to your shoulders.

  1. 1. Right leg up, lower and lift the hips 15x
  2. 2. Left leg up, lower and lift the hips 15x
  3. 3. Flat feet, lower and lift hips 20x
  4. 4. Hold hips high, little lifts 20x
  5. 5. Flex feet, lower and lift hips 20x
  6. 6. Hold hips high, little lifts 20x

Congrats, you are all done! If you want more Pure Barre in your life, visit, follow them on social media 
@PureBarreWA or just come by the studio. Pure Barre Seattle and Eastside owners Sami and Brandon Sweeney, along with their amazing management team, Jenny Wyeth and Hannah Dingle, make you feel like family, so be sure to stop by any of the six studios and get your lift, tone, burn on!