A Culinary Experience Inspired by Maker's Mark 6

Bellevue Lifestyle Joins Local Tastemakers For a 
Memorable Evening at Seattle’s New 2120 Restaurant

When it comes to whiskey, Maker’s Mark is a household name. It’s no wonder considering the bourbon, with its iconic bottle shape and signature red wax seal, has been in production since the late 1950s. What some may be less familiar with is the entire cast of characters in the Maker’s Mark family.

To celebrate Maker’s Mark Private Select, their newest and most innovate release, the brand teamed up with executive chef Derek Bugge of Seattle’s new 2120 restaurant. Bugge and his team curated a special menu inspired by Maker’s Mark for an intimate TasteMakers dinner at 2120.

Bugge’s menu consisted of six courses, each paired with a handcrafted cocktail featuring Maker’s 46. 2120 uses only the freshest ingredients sourced from farms in and around the local countryside. This menu was no exception, boasting items such as geoduck tartare and quail with tender chanterelle mushrooms. Beverages were custom created to complement the cuisine and dazzle the palate.

Guests were welcomed to the dinner with a whiskey tasting hosted by Jane Bowie, distillery maturation specialist. The tasting included the original Maker’s Mark, Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Bourbon, Maker’s 46 and the new Private Select. As attendees sipped their whiskey, Jane detailed the company’s rich history, explained the barrel aging process, and how to best enjoy a tasting.

“It is best to do a tasting before dining,” she says. “When the palate anticipates eating, it is able to pick up more distinct flavors.”

With each course, Bugge introduced his creations and their accompanying beverage, beginning with foie gras topped with pumpernickel and fig. The earthy elements were thoughtfully coupled with a cocktail consisting of charred fig, orange bitters and Maker’s 46.

“We wanted to create a correlation between the whiskey and what we do here,” Bugge explains of the menu.

The TasteMakers dinner series was started at the distillery as a special event. As the success of the event grew, Maker’s began partnering with chefs all around the country to create these uniquely memorable experiences. This evening at 2120 was no exception.