A Stylish Conversation 2

Talking fashion with Nelson Yong and Kayla Boehme

With renowned events in the fashion world happening throughout September, a stylish conversation seemed to come at the perfect time. Getting to know and hear different visions and insight from some of the many talented professionals in the areas fashion scene, Bellevue Lifestyle gained insight into what sets Bellevue and Seattle apart with their fashion, what trends are loved and trends that everyone knows, “won’t come back around.”

Introducing Nelson Yong, a brand director, marketing strategist, entrepreneur and fashion influencer. With more than 13 years as a man of many talents, being an influencer is a passion of Nelson’s. Over 51,000 accounts follow him on Instagram, and he stands out far above the rest in men’s fashion.

Kayla Boehme, the owner of Pipe and Row, a picturesque brick-and-mortar in the gem that is Fremont neighborhood, has also left her mark on the area’s fashion scene. With a storefront plus online store, the Seattle-area native established a brand of her own. A modern women’s boutique carrying designers from all over the world, Pipe and Row is a neighborhood powerhouse.

Together these two figures have seen fashion in destinations like New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Europe. But of the many miles both have traveled, Nelson and Kayla grace their presence and knowledge close to us, adding dashes of perfection to the looks we see on our local streets.

Bellevue Lifestyle (BL): What does Bellevue/Seattle fashion offer that other fashion forward cities do not?

Nelson Yong (NY): Because Seattle has weather patterns that give us close to four seasons, I feel that Seattle has ways to play around with fashion in ways cities like Los Angeles and Miami can’t. It’s more in touch with nature as it’s in the heart of the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest. I would hope that the future of men’s fashion in Seattle would be inspired more from the fashion sense of London and New York City, with tinges of inspiration from the Northwest and nature.

Kayla Boehme (KB): Our weather is pretty consistent throughout the year and I know Seattle has a stigma for being Birkenstocks and outdoorsy looks, but if you are talking about people who are very fashionable, very creative, I think that the thing we offer is we are modern, bold, a little bit edgy, but still totally wearable and versatile.

BL: Something borrowed, something new? What looks do you applaud making a comeback?

NY: I’m a fan of the modern mod look: Slim suits, skinny ties and slim fit pants. I’ve liked the slim fitting look and see that, as long as pants aren’t too skinny, slimmer clothes are usually flattering.

BL: Can you explain today’s current fashion trends?

KB: I would say right now it’s still minimal in a way but we are getting back into branding so much more, but we are moving to maximalist, things have to change no matter how much I like it.

BL: Which past styles do you wish were still with us?

NY: The classics, and sense of formality and chivalry with how men take care of themselves, dress and treat others.

KB: I personally wish bell-bottoms would come back.

BL: What trend could you live without?

NY: I can definitely do without seeing another man bun.