Raising the “Bar” in Barber 5

For the Nordstrom family, it’s all about people

Weldon Barber, the family owned chain of luxury barbershops is getting ready to open its ninth location in Bellevue later this year. With big growth plans set for Weldon Barber in the near future, Bill and Suzette Nordstrom, along with their daughter Angela Nordstrom, are determined to build a business with strong family values at its core.

“We really do care about our people,” says Suzette Nordstrom, whose sincerity and infectious energy come bubbling out of her when she talks. “We created this business first and foremost for the customer, with the intent of building long-lasting relationships.”

The business, born of a bad haircut and Bill Nordstrom’s idea to modernize the dying old-fashioned barbershop model, along with Suzette Nordstrom’s passion for empowering people and helping local communities, still has several employees and customers who have been around since its inception in September 2004.

“It’s so much fun to see customers who started coming in as kids, and now, nearly 13 years later, they’re adults!” Nordstrom says. “They’re driving, they’re in college and they’re getting married. It’s like a big family within our shops.”

Bill Nordstrom, a Bellevue native and former executive vice president of Nordstrom Inc., utilized his retail and business background to help create a more upscale barbershop experience for men. The company’s name, a play on the words “well done,” pays homage to the customer service his family’s famous department stores are so well known for.

Head of marketing and brand development at Weldon’s Bellevue corporate headquarters, Angela Nordstrom explains that men want convenience and consistency, which is exactly what they’ll get system-wide at Weldon. Including easy online appointment booking and accessible locations, she says customers can expect to be “loved from the neck up,” with services such as haircuts, neck shaves, beard trims and scalp massages. Featured products are high quality and eco-friendly with the goal to offer nothing but the very best at Weldon.

Angela, the eldest of two daughters and a Gonzaga grad with a sharp business mind, has always admired her mother’s positive outlook.

“She wakes up every morning with rose-colored glasses on, and she’s a hugger!” Angela says.

That fiery spirit is especially palpable in the way Suzette lights up when talking about her passion and love for the people who make Weldon Barber possible.

“It’s more of a career, not a job at Weldon,” she says. “I especially want women to know that they can have a career as a mom. I’m all about career-loving moms!”

She explains that she saw a real opportunity to raise the bar for cosmetology-licensed professionals. In an otherwise inconstant industry, her mission is to elevate career expectations for her barbers, provide them with benefits and help them discover the potential longevity they can enjoy through their profession.

With eight locations currently in the Northwest, the new Bellevue shop will be something of a “coming home” for Bill and his family. Plans to expand to other cities in the Puget Sound area, and eventually, nationally, are also in the works with the goal to reach 20 locations by 2020.

“We’ve branded it ‘Mo-MEN-tum 2020,’” Suzette says. “And with the incredible people and service-oriented systems we have in place, I believe we can do it!”

The new Weldon Barber Bellevue location, 10047 Main St. #102,  is scheduled to open in the fall and will be offering free haircuts for the first two weeks. For more information, visit WeldonBarber.com.