All You Need is Love—and Art

February is our month of art—making, collecting, admiring and learning. As you read about the local artists in our community and their stories of passion and self-expression, we hope that you too are inspired to pursue your creative side.  And just in case you need a little extra inspiration, I’ve included a list of favorite … Continued

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2020, a new decade, we set goals for what we want our future selves to be like and look like. We take a glance back at where we have been and what we have done, and we try to remember to extend ourselves grace.  January is a time to cleanse, to start … Continued

Best of Bellevue 2019

Bellevue has had another momentous year, and Bellevue Lifestyle is so grateful to be a part of it! As 2019 comes to an end, it felt fitting to have an issue highlighting the very BEST of our city. As Bellevue continues to grow, more outsider curiosity will grow, and because of that, I consider this “Best of … Continued

Live a Little

Food and wine remind us to live a little; don’t you agree? After all, they’re not only nourishing (and delicious), but they also bring people together—whether it’s a special anniversary dinner, a much-needed lunch break with coworkers, a friend’s birthday party or even a casual weeknight meal with family. Often considered two of life’s great pleasures, food … Continued

Fall Fashion

In the magazine world, the September issue is the most anticipated arrival of the year. It’s the unofficial first look at this season’s fashion trends and predictions for the upcoming year. It’s the issue fashionistas can’t wait to get their hands on. So it is with much excitement that we present you, dear reader, with … Continued

Happy Anniversary, Bellevue!

August is always a special time for me because it is Bellevue Lifestyle’s anniversary month! It’s been two years, and I can honestly say each issue keeps getting better. The team of photographers and writers I get to work with, the stories we get to work on and the response from the community is so positive and … Continued

Summer in Bellevue

These are the days we live for.  Summertime in the PNW feels like summer camp—yes for kids, but even more so for adults. If you don’t agree, I’d say you might be doing it all wrong! The nights are longer and warmer; everyone is in a better mood and more social, more active. I find it’s almost … Continued

The Men’s Issue

Our content can often lean heavily on the female side, but this month we turn our attention to the men, in turn making our team realize we should really do this more often! We had blast with Joe Bae of Joe Bae Salon with his dapper models showcasing the latest hair trends. We also met with Mike Mutzel, … Continued

Women of Influence

In the social media culture we live in, it’s easy to get caught up on “likes” and views on highly curated, sometimes sponsored, content. I find myself thinking, how are these people actually “influencing” in real life when there are no filters, “likes” and edited captions? The women featured in this month’s issue may have decent social media … Continued

Going Green

This month at Bellevue Lifestyle, we bring you our Eco issue in honor of Earth Day on April 22. It’s almost hard to not be eco-conscious living in Bellevue. Surrounded by natural beauty and immersed in an educated and savvy culture where Teslas are the norm, everywhere you go there are three trash cans to choose from (compost, … Continued