Our Great, Big, Beautiful State

When you think of Washington State, a variety of words may come to mind: rain, tech, hipster, coffee—and last but not least, the great outdoors. The Evergreen State offers a wide variety of outdoor adventures to choose from, all year long. Whether it's backpacking, kayaking, sailing, surfing, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, mountain biking; if it's an outdoor activity, you can…

Eco-Friendly Must-Haves for Men

 1. Cashmere V-Neck  "Online retailer Everlane is known to be a sustainable brand that’s been on the rise. You can’t go wrong with a cashmere V-neck that is appropriate for many different social settings."  2. Denim Jacket

Luxury Thrifting with Bethany Marie

For as long as photographer turned fashion and lifestyle blogger Bethany Marie can remember, she has always loved putting together outfits. Even as a young toddler, she would throw tantrums if anyone else dressed her; she always wanted to dress herself. At the young age of 3, she began putting together outfits for herself.

Local Farmers, Pure Flavors

With sweeping views of Elliot Bay, an indoor fire table that beckons those walking by on a chilly Seattle evening, and a seasonal, locally sourced menu, Aerlume has been deemed the new hot spot for a quality restaurant experience. Perched on the hillside above Elliott Bay and steps from Pike Place Market, Aerlume shines with light, air and sweeping views…

Built with Care

The year is 1946, and the Pacific Northwest’s first regional suburban shopping center, Bellevue Shopping Square, opens with 16 stores. By the end of 1946, four more stores are added to the mall, including Frederick & Nelson, the first shopping center department store built by Marshall Field’s in the United States. All in a little rural town that wasn’t incorporated…

Brilliant Features to Transform Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably the most used room in your house and a center for entertaining, so of course, you want it to be a space you enjoy spending time in and sharing with others. Aside from cabinet and countertop upgrades, don’t forget about your appliances. There are so many upgrades to consider, so we asked LUWA Luxury Products to share what trends…

Luxury Real Estate Trends

Bellevue Lifestyle’s luxury realtor partners are some of the top agents in our area. After a stretch of rapid price growth and reports of the real estate market cooling, we asked them to share with us luxury real estate trends and tips for 2019. Here’s what they had to say.

Maja Arnold Designs

Ever wonder why a wedding band is typically worn on one’s left “ring” finger? It directly connects a loved one to your heart—literally and figuratively. Beginning with ancient Roman culture, the belief that a vein in the fourth digit known as the Vena Amoris (Vein of Love) directly carries blood back to one’s heart, the symbolism of the ring/marriage and where it…

An Unexpected Journey

 The Language of the Soul  For Craig Wellborn, art was never a choice. It was a way of life that seemed to run in his family. From a young age, he recognized it was much more than just a hobby; it was a calling he couldn’t ignore.  Five years ago, he began pursuing his art more seriously, all the while…

Romantic Destination

 +did you know?  Originally the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge, it began as an eight-room inn built in 1916 as a rest stop for travelers. It quickly became famous for its Country Breakfast, then called the Farm Breakfast, which nourished visitors before they journeyed over the mountain pass. In 1988, the building was completely remodeled and reopened as the Salish Lodge.