A Punch for Every Party

 1. Pomegranate & Rose Elixir (For the posh Chrismas party)  Makes about 1 gallon of punch   Ingredients

Five Holistic Health Tips During the Holidays

As a mom of four, business owner, model and health/life coach, I have come to understand the extreme importance of taking care of ourselves, especially during the holidays.

Fall in Love with Fall Recipes

Karla Ilicic is a yoga teacher, nutritionist and overall wellness coach whose love for cooking started when she was just a little girl, as she was watching her grandmother in the kitchen. The amount of love that was poured into every recipe was intoxicating, and Karla found herself helping her out and wanting to learn more and more. Her father…

Iced Matcha Oat Milk Latte

As a Nutrition + Hormone Health Practitioner and the Feel Good Food Blogger of So Fresh N So Green, I'm all about food and beverages that taste good and make you feel even better. 

Wine + Food for the Dudes

As the director of wine and spirits for Canlis, Nelson Daquip doesn’t take the relationship between wine and food lightly. He dives into the heart and soul of each dish, creating an intricate pairing through similarities in their regions and, of course, their flavors. With several hard-earned accolades to his name—think a James Beard Award and world-class wine cellar—connoisseur Nelson brings an inviting…

Cheers, Ladies!

Whether you're celebrating Mother's Day, girls' night out or brunch, these spring cocktails are perfect for celebrating the ladies in your life. Recommended by Lisa Olson, founder of Suite Restaurant & Lounge, both cocktails incorporate fresh fruit and herbs.

Superfood Sips

As the Nutrition and Hormone Health Coach of So Fresh N So Green, I witness firsthand how tempting it is for my clients to start the new year off with a drastic diet or cleanse—and I get it. The holidays can be heavy with pie, parties and cocktails. But instead of feeling the pull to diet or detox, I want to…

Farmers Market Fresh

As a nutrition and healthy lifestyle coach, I’m big on helping clients incorporate more nutrient-rich vegetables into their diet in delicious ways. However, these days not all veggies are created equal, as many have been sprayed with pesticides, genetically modified, grown in soil depleted of minerals, or traveled a long way to get to us—thus losing nutritional value along the…

Salty-Sweet Glazed Salmon

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, it’s probably no surprise that salmon was a weekly staple in my household. Yet, as a picky child who favored Twinkies and tuna noodle casserole, the pink-fleshed fish was deemed too healthy for my taste and consequently very boring.

Resolutions that Stick

January is a month often synonymous with detoxing, diets and newly purchased gym memberships—for many, making it a far less appealing time than the pleasure-seeking months that came before it.