Lisa is a mother to two boys under age 2 and a Cavalier King Charles puppy. She is married to a college soccer coach and hails from Edmonds, Washington. Lisa enjoys travel, sunshine, laughter, bringing friends together, music, food, wine and a good margarita. She is also a sports enthusiast and a civic-minded Bellevue resident. Lisa is a freelance writer who is a bilingual grammar fanatic.

Instagram: @MrsLisaSchreiner


Candace is a mom of four; wife to her amazing husband, Bryan; a business owner; a media influencer; a blogger/vlogger; a model; and a community builder. Her passion is to empower people to live their best life and step into their unique purpose through a holistic approach: mind, body and spirit. 

Instagram: @CandaceMOliver


Yuriy Manchik

Yuriy is a photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. On the days he’s not on assignment, you can find him outdoors skiing, mountain biking or working at his cabin in the mountains.

Instagram: @yuriymanchik