This month at Bellevue Lifestyle, we bring you our Eco issue in honor of Earth Day on April 22. It’s almost hard to not be eco-conscious living in Bellevue. Surrounded by natural beauty and immersed in an educated and savvy culture where Teslas are the norm, everywhere you go there are three trash cans to choose from (compost, recycle, landfill), and the light rail and city planning only suggest that standard transportation is forever changing. Homes are being built and remodeled with top-of-the-line energy efficiencies, and money is being divested into new green technologies changing the world. It’s hard not to feel guilty when I forget to bring a bag to go grocery shopping! 

Visit other parts of the country, and you’ll discover not everyone is so eco-conscious, and I truly feel fortunate to be in an area that’s leading the movement. Throughout this issue, you’ll find simple ways to be more eco-friendly, from buying eco-conscious clothing and accessories to learning about eco-minded restaurants and innovative eco-businesses changing the world. We also cover the basics of enjoying our great outdoors. With people moving to our area in record numbers, our beloved trails are taking a hit, and we give tips on how to protect and preserve the beauty we all enjoy (cue this month’s outdoor photos by Yuriy Manchik). 

At the very least, we hope the stories in these pages invoke feelings of gratitude for the wonderful world we live in—and the wonderful people in our community who strive to sustain it. Not sure where to start? When you’ve finished enjoying this issue, we encourage you to recycle it so it can be turned into future magazines. After all, that’s what makes the world go ‘round!

Happy spring!