TREE Furniture Styles Your Holiday Decor Looks

Your home may be a haven for hosting, and with hosting comes responsibility. Every great host knows the details are what bring your entire event together. From the home scent upon entry to your table settings, your ideal seasonal look can be accomplished with TREE, the eco-chic and friendly furniture company.

Opening its first set of doors in Tacoma, Point Ruston, and now Bellevue, the one-stop shop has furniture and home decor that will bring your dreams to life. Sustainable, natural and organic sourced materials bring TREE its renowned name in our area alongside its award-winning design team.

The materials TREE offers are not only superb in quality and lifespan but also display a timeless beauty, giving your home a one-of-a-kind look. Regardless of if your home is NW modern style, mid-century design or a farmhouse feel, founder Nicole Wakley and the talented TREE team can give you the decor look of your dreams.

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Nicole’s tips on how to achieve the featured look: 

1. A Happy Home

As the days get shorter and the nights draw in, autumn is the time to go within and reflect upon the year. Cooler temperatures mean more time spent indoors, and it’s the perfect opportunity to consider what makes a happy home. Extend your heart and home to your family and friends with one of TREE’s signature extendable tables this holiday season.

2. Autumnal Abundance

Layer your table with colorful, seasonal vegetables and fruits, the warmth of nature and comforting amber tones. Gather friends and family around an extendable table scattered with fallen leaves and acorns—the perfect excuse to put on your boots and take a walk with your loved ones!

 3. Contrast 

A long, extendable dining table demands a little drama, however big or small you’d like. Create a bold contrast with plate colors, and add dimension with gold silverware and metallic accessories.