Eco Chic 1

September tends to be associated with a turning point of the year; and that means something different to just about everyone. For sports enthusiasts, this month is start of anticipation and excitement of a new season.  For families, September means the end of summer and the beginning of back to school shopping.  For fashion lovers, it’s the beginning of the always-exciting fall fashion season bursting with new colors, styles, and savvy events.

Our September issue is inspired by the fashion this season brings. Meet a local watch designer embracing modernism and minimalism.  Learn fall trends from Bellevue boutique owner, Chanel Smith.  Enjoy the beautiful illustrations by cover artist Blair Breitenstein, who recaps her favorite fashion memories in 2018. And, for you guys, a reminder that a classic fitted suit never goes out of style.

We also spotlight an emerging trend:  Slow Fashion.  A reminder to take a break from fast trends, and tune into the beauty that exists in classic design, ethical production, and sustainable fabrics.  While everything else around us is on hyper speed, we encourage you to slow down and check in with where you’re buying from and why.

As with the arrival of every issue of Bellevue Lifestyle, we hope you take a moment to read, relax, and experience pure ‘you’ time – time away from the screen, time that is yours and yours alone, uninterrupted by work emails or alerts.   And of course, this month, we hope we leave you inspired to step into the new season in style.

Stay stylish,

Caitlin Agnew