Slow Fashion 1

Fall Welcomes a Change of Pace in Wardrobe and in Fashion

Fall is an anticipated time of year in the fashion world. And while fast trends hit the runway and our department stores, a new divergent trend has surfaced: reflecting sustainable, authentic, classic and timeless themes. While technology and media make us feel like life is on warp speed, fashion is emerging a polar story of a different pace—slow has never been so chic. The New York Times tells us designers, even those at the largest fashion houses, like Alessandro Michele, designer of Gucci, commented, “Resist the mantra of speed that violently leads to losing oneself. Resist the illusion of something new at any cost.” That’s a message is being echoed in a new generation of designers and consumers. 

Moorea Seal and Pipe and Roe are just a couple of local boutiques that offer slow fashion brands as well as local designers that are doing it right when it comes to the sustainable-fashion movement. In case you’re not even sure where to start, this season’s Bellevue Lifestyle shoot captures the art of timeless and slow fashion with warm fall colors, classic clothing styles and ethical fabrics. Raw and natural elements are part of our PNW culture, so we opted outside and utilized wild and bold florals.

We challenge you to take time to slow down and take stock of where your wardrobes are and where you want them to be through the lens of slow fashion. And don’t worry—we’re not trying to shame you for indulging in a fast-fashion buy every once in a while. Instead, we’re just offering a new way of looking at your closet and reminding to occasionally ask yourself where your clothes come from and why. 

Page 2:

Item 1: white dress

Item 2: yellow dress

Item 3: white shoes 1

Item 4: white shoes 2

Item 5: gold earings

Page 4:

Item 1: white coat

Item 2: white top

Item 3: brown pants

Item 4: purse

Item 5: gold earrings

Page 5:

Item 1: brown dress

Item 2: necklace

Item 3: gold earrings


Art Direction: Kara Mercer

Clothing and Accessories: Pipe and Row and Moorea Seal

Makeup: Iris and Gold

Hair: Kos Hairstyling

Stylist: Danielle Davis

Florals: Thatch

Models: Megan Smith and Sarah Smith