A Letter from the Publisher 4

A Letter from the Publisher

In honor of Bellevue Lifestyle’s one-year anniversary, I felt a proper introduction may be about time. The community’s response to Bellevue Lifestyle over the past year has been overwhelmingly positive, and in the moments I get to spontaneously chat with people around town, the first question I always get asked is, “Why?” I love this question, because we all should have a “why” in all we do, right?

I was raised in Bellevue, and after graduating high school I moved away for many years, and upon moving back the area was just at the start of its soon to be rapid growth. I was excited for the changes I was seeing in Bellevue and Seattle. While I know these changes aren’t welcomed by all (e.g. traffic!), I see them as nothing but positive—more culture, more innovation, more opportunity. Our area is attracting the best and brightest in business and tech, and with that comes growth in the arts, new restaurants, latest fitness trends and overall just an exciting buzz in the air.

The community of Bellevue is changing and expanding—the old meets the new. The old: wonderful people, families and businesses that have been here for generations. The new: transplants from all over the globe, bringing culture through business, travel, food and life experience.

So, my “why” for Bellevue Lifestyle? To tell and celebrate the stories of both the old and the new, and highlight this growing community. Bellevue has always had a sense of pride, and now there is more of a reason than ever to celebrate what makes up this beautiful city. Thank you for following along. I hope to see you around town, and I hope to learn more about your “why.”