10 Things Bellevue High’s Cheer Captains Love about Bellevue Cheer

Bellevue’s cheer captains, Grace Dillon, Anna Lombardi and Morgan Williams, work together all year long to create a seamless football season on and off the field. Read more to find out what makes this opportunity a once in a lifetime experience and what these captains love about Bellevue Cheer!

  1. We love making friendships that will last forever!
  2. We love learning from the Bellevue community.
  3. We love experiencing success that is only made when we work together!
  4. We love competing at the state and the national level.
  5. We love having school spirit!
  6. We love to “work hard, play hard” at practices!
  7. We love coaching the Junior Wolverines at the Junior Cheer Clinic!
  8. We love our fearless coaches!
  9. We love teamwork!
  10. We love cheering for football under those Friday night lights!

Catch the squad in action at the first home game Friday, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m.