Dog Tales 2

Three Bellevue Residents and Their Furry Best Friends

Networking is one of Bellevue’s best talents. Shaking hands and raising glasses is a regular occurrence throughout this community. We see one another on the sidewalk, coffee in one hand and leash in the other. But who are the furry friends that walk beside our client or neighbor? Every dog owner has a story about his or her pup, and every pup has a story. Sitting down with influential dog owners in the Bellevue community, we get a glimpse into their pets’ lives as well as their life as a dog parent.


Natasha Wise

Owner of Empa Creative, photographer and social media specialist

Have you always been a dog person?

My husband and I have always loved dogs. Benson is our first dog together as a married couple, however, both of us grew up with family dogs.

What is your pet’s name?

Benson Paddington Wise



How old?

5 months

What do you love about Benson?

He is a very loyal, smart and obedient puppy. He loves humans just as much as he loves playing with other dogs, so he is always happy when we explore new places. His energy level matches ours, so there is never a dull moment.

What is Benson’s most impressive trick?

Benson can ring a bell to let us know when he needs to go outside.

Where is Benson’s favorite place?

 Hidden Valley Sports Park Baseball Field where we take Benson for games and exercise for his daily routine. There are so many great parks in Bellevue, we feel very fortunate and can’t wait to explore more.

Does Benson have an Instagram handle?

@Benson.the.doodle is where you can see more Benson content and interact with me to set up play dates. 


Craig Foreman

Senior VP of Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch

Have you always been a dog person?

Yes, ever since I can remember.

What is your pet’s name?

 Dozer Foreman


Yellow Labrador retriever 

How old?

9 years old

What is the story behind getting Dozer?

My friend was moving and could no longer care for Dozer, and I had been looking for a big dog.

What do you love about Dozer?

He loves everyone, and everyone loves him. Even at 105 pounds, he is a huge cuddler. His motto is to love and be loved.

What is Dozer’s most impressive trick?


Where is Dozer’s favorite place?

Trails behind our house and Marymoor off-leash dog park.

Does Dozer have an Instagram handle?

Not yet!


Taylor Brazen and Seth Tagge

VP of Sales and Marketing and real estate broker at Brazen Group Properties

What are your pets’ names?

Moose and Parker


Golden retrievers

How old?

4 1/2 and 5 months

What is the story behind getting Moose and Parker?

I grew up in a family that’s always had golden retrievers. We’ve always had a boy and a girl. My parents never meant to ever have puppies or breed, but we grew up with my parents having puppies. He was finished with college and I was in my senior year, but we kind of raised the puppies. A bunch of people in our office, as well as my sister, have Moose’s brothers and sisters. Then we had been talking about getting a second dog, and the breeder at random emailed my family and asked if anyone wanted a girl puppy. Then on Christmas Eve, we got the news that we were getting a new fur baby.

What do you love about Moose and Parker?

I just love that they are so happy to see us. They are like real-life stuffed animals; you can’t look at them and not be happy.

What is their most impressive trick?

They do your normal sit, stay and shake.

Where is their favorite place?

We love to take them swimming either at Marymoor or Luther Burbank in Mercer Island.

Do they have an Instagram?