Bellden Cafe Serves Speciality Lattes That Support Local Charities

This is a story that begins—and ends—with coffee. Nine years ago, Bellden Cafe owners and husband-and-wife duo Claire and Eddy Sumadiwirya first met at a coffee shop in Bellevue. What started as a blind date led to hours of conversation and, among many topics, they discussed their mutual dream of someday owning a local cafe.

Three months later they were married, and four years post-wedding the couple found themselves moving to Shanghai with their 5-month-old son, Eiden. While living there, Eiden grew very sick and was hospitalized for weeks, making the family’s time abroad extremely difficult. Claire and Eddie diligently remained by their son’s side through long, taxing hours. The hospital’s community took notice and came together to support the couple with janitors and nurses bringing a cup of coffee or bowl of homemade soup to help them sustain.

While the experience was challenging, Eiden soon recovered, and Claire and Eddie were once again inspired to pursue their initial dream of opening a coffee shop, a place that could foster the connection and community they felt during their stay in the hospital, simply through a cup of coffee. They returned home to Bellevue and opened Bellden Cafe in April 2017, a coffee shop with an emphasis on both specialty coffee and supporting local charities.

Each quarter, the cafe creates a specialty latte, with 25-50 percent of each sale distributed to a local nonprofit. A household favorite, “Let Me Love You Latte” is a warming and bright blend of honey, cinnamon and orange that pairs exceptionally well with beans from Coava Coffee Roasters and either whole or oat milk (for the nondairy drinkers). Proceeds from the “Let Me Love You Latte” go to Jubilee Reach, a Bellevue-based nonprofit that offers mentoring, tutoring and 20 after-school club and sports activities to low-income families across 14 different school districts. The nonprofit’s mission is to make every child feel known, loved and develop a sense of belonging to something greater than self.

When you visit Bellden Cafe, you can enjoy your delicious cuppa and also feel good about your contribution to the community.


Bellden Cafe is located at 10527 Main St., Bellevue. 
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