Four Instructors Share How SoulCycle has Shaped Them

Four passionate instructors turned their lives upside to open the first SoulCycle studio in the Pacific Northwest. Teaching a powerful mind-body class that features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training and rhythm-based choreography makes for some unforgettable experiences. Sharing those moments are what tightens the bond between this wild bunch. 

“I wish I knew that I knew nothing at all! It’s a journey. My peers inspire and motivate, our riders’ bravery and passion is the fire behind every movement and song.
—Jenna Fields

Teaching at SoulCycle has been my life’s biggest lesson in authenticity. When I openly admitted that I love Whitney Houston for the first time ever, the room erupted. People lean into authenticity; it brings us together.” 

—Evan Arbour

“SoulCycle is more than a workout for me. My community has become family, and most of 
my unforgettable 
experiences have taken place
 off the bike!
—Earl Benjamin

Becoming a Soul 
instructor means you can’t just 
’casually’ listen to music anymore. The second I hear something on the radio I’m dropping 
my elbows in the 
car on I-90 looking 
like a fool.”
—Brittany Henry