Resolutions that Stick 9

Jujubeet’s Southwest Bowl Eases the Stress of Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

January is a month often synonymous with detoxing, diets and newly purchased gym memberships—for many, making it a far less appealing time than the pleasure-seeking months that came before it.

On the bright side, we live in an age and area increasingly abundant with healthy, local and seasonal options taste good and help us feel good, alleviating the struggle often faced when having to choose one or the other.

One such healthy haven is Jujubeet, which opened its first brick-and-mortar location in downtown Bellevue in 2013. Owner and mother of four Bianca Szyperski launched the business after becoming progressively frustrated she couldn’t find quick, healthy choices on the go while driving around with her family.

With plant-based, palatable offerings like the Cacao Wow Smoothie (almond milk, cacao, almond butter, protein powder and banana) and the Herbalicious Juice (green apple, a variety of vibrant herbs and greens), Jujubeet developed a cult following, and has now expanded to four different locations throughout Bellevue and Seattle, with an upcoming location set to open at SeaTac Airport later this year.

Along with its locations, Jujubeet has also expanded its menu and features a variety of tasty, nutrient-dense eats ideal for keeping your New Year’s resolutions. A fan-favorite is the Southwest Bowl, a hearty combination of fibrous brown rice, black beans, antioxidant-rich raw and roasted veggies with earthy spices—and devoid of all things gluten, dairy or meat. But what really takes this bowl to the next level is its house-made Groovy Green Sauce, a creamy condiment that gets its texture and taste from avocado and fresh tomatillo.

Each ingredient was handpicked by Jujubeet’s resident dietician, Elena Razmpoosh, for optimal flavor and health benefits. Every component shines through in the final result as a beautiful, bright and comforting bowl that tastes like anything but diet food.

Visit one of Jujubeet’s locations or try this recipe out at home and watch your healthy New Year’s resolutions get a whole lot easier.