Four Hot Activities to Try in 2018 30

Now that the gift-wrapping, holiday baking and Christmas festivities have come to an end, it’s time to look into the new beginning that comes with the new year. 

Stone Gardens 

Welcome to every climber’s dream. A hub for beginners and advanced climbers, there is something for everyone! Featuring Walltopia walls, speed walls, bouldering, a weight and exercise room, as well as an area for kids, Stone Gardens is the ultimate gym for all things climbing. 

Stone Gardens changes routes five days a week, allowing members and guests a chance to try something new and challenging. From VB to V12 routes, go easy or push yourself within their walls. 

The expert and kind staff, schedule—they’re open 365 days—and on-site showers let you come and stay as long as you please. Stone Gardens can even host an event of yours with their large and quality party room! Make sure to check out this climbing haven when working on your better self for 2018. 

Elevate Fit Life

Brand new to Bellevue—not to mention to Washington—Tony and Katrina, owners of Elevate Fit Life, moved from Arizona to pursue their dreams of owning their gym. 

Elevate Fit Life focuses on group fitness as well as personal training. The duo starts with your nutrition and leads you to the “playground” where your actual workout begins and ends. With a strength-based interval training and systems-based approach, Elevate Fit Life prides itself on never repeating a workout. Within the playground, you see air bikes, rowing machines, ropes, kettlebells, resistance bands and much more. 

Tony and Katrina emphasize being connected to everyone that walks through their doors and into their playground. If you’re looking for a personalized gym with an atmosphere that will push, motivate, and encourage you, Elevate Fit Life should be your No. 1 spot. 

Northwest Cryotherapy Institute

Serving as the only cryotherapy room in the Pacific Northwest, owner and chiropractor Sushil Vasudeva is celebrating the first anniversary of Northwest Cryotherapy Institute this month.

With a beautiful spa feel, NWCI is an ideal stop for your best body recovery treatment. As only the fifth cryotherapy room in the country, the facility’s state-of-the-art equipment and treatment will leave your body begging for a membership. 

Stepping into a minus 130-degree chamber for three minutes, the array of benefits will allow you to be your best self. Cryotherapy will give your body and mind an energy boost, better sleep, enhanced mood and a decrease in muscle and joint soreness and inflammation. 

Not only does NWCI offer guests and members the chamber, but they also offer localized cryotherapy for specific areas on your body as well as a brand-new sauna with infrared lighting to warm up before and after your treatment. 

Float Bellevue

Float Bellevue has three different rooms, three different float pods and one goal. Float Bellevue aims to enhance your body’s recovery, and each pod contains 10 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. 

Meditation, sleep aid, pain relief and stress relief are some of the many benefits that one can gain from floating for one hour in a pod. Serving as an expedited recovery, one hour of floating is equal to four hours of REM cycle sleep.  

With soft lights or music, if you choose, your float session is one of a kind. Having no negative side effects, floating allows you to actually and literally float in 93.5-degree heated water. 

Open seven days a week until 11 p.m., stop into Float Bellevue to discover this recovery method for yourself.