A Mission Bigger Than Clothes 12

TEMA Athletics Places Honor on Everyday Women Who are Real-Life Heroes

With a heavy emphasis on women’s empowerment and body positivity, TEMA Athletics has big goals of becoming a global brand, accessible to women of all sizes and shapes. The activewear brand designs a wide range of clothing, influenced by the vibrancy of India as well as the latest runway styles. 

Founder and CEO Bhawna Gupta makes it clear that the mission is bigger than the clothing. She places honor on everyday women who are real-life heroes.

“TEMA was founded to acknowledge every woman who has struggled and overlooked her accomplishments to look like someone else,” Bhawna says. 

The company celebrates diversity in every form and finds strength in balance. 

“I saw that we could employ people, enabling them to support their families and this has been one of my biggest inspirations. There is a huge sense of fulfillment and pleasure you get when you see someone thriving because of your efforts,” she says. “Hopefully one day we can build this company as a platform to employ women who are seeking work-life balance.”

Another driving force is her family.

“My kids, especially my son, are my greatest motivations. I want to be his role model. He is such a good kid who has big dreams. Hopefully, he can see that if one is passionate about something and they put their heart and soul into it, things will work out,” she says. “If a normal person like me can create something—he is so much smarter than me—there are no limits on what he can achieve.”

TEMA Athletics focuses on value, quality and style.

“We sift through library books and create inspiration boards. These are the start of anything. After that, we begin sketching and review what we designed. Some styles make it, and some get archived,” Bhawna explains. “The biggest factor for us to go with a design is how flattering it will look on a curvy customer.” 

The brand, which offers sizes XS-3X, keeps a close eye on current trends but also makes a point to create new ones. 

“We visit lots of trade shows and keep a tab in the fashion world. Our ultimate goal is to bring lots of tiny details to each garment that surround a woman with positivity and encouragement,” she says.  

The founder’s current fashion obsession is her TEMA soft pullover sweater.

“We introduced these in our line last year. They are super soft and comfy. Perfect for my before and after workout layering needs. Other than that, I have few minimalist jewelry pieces which I absolutely love,” she says. Bhawna describes her personal style as “comfortable and classy.”

Before launching TEMA Athletics, Bhawna worked as a software engineer in the IT field for almost 12 years. She made the brave step to start the brand when she saw a need. 

“Coming from a completely different background, it was extremely difficult for me to understand what was required to start an activewear line. It was a Mount Everest that I was climbing. Not only designing and manufacturing, I underestimated branding and marketing,” she says. “We were struggling to find a photographer that met our budget and style. I finally gave up and went to school for photography classes. I knew there was a desperate need and instead of waiting for things to happen, I just took it head-on. My learning curve has been on a vertical trajectory from past two-three years. If we are passionate and determined about something, we will figure it out.”

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