Thanksgiving Traditions 5

Holiday Rituals from Bellevue Locals

Caitlin Agnew, Bellevue Lifestyle publisher

“Thanksgiving holds one of my favorite holiday traditions,” Caitlin says. She spends the holidays with her large extended family of 70 (and still growing).”Before we eat, we gather and hold hands in a prayer circle, which extends from the kitchen through the house. One by one we say what we are thankful for.”

Elbert Stockberger, Cruise Ship Centers

“We love Cannon Beach,” Elbert says. For more than 20 years, he has spent the holidays there with his husband, Barry, and their dog, Max. “Our favorite pastime is traveling the world, but when it comes to the holidays, we have a tradition to visit our favorite spot on Earth.”

Randi Weidner, Randi Weidner Real Estate

“Thanksgiving usually revolves around our close friends, so we end up having a mix of family and friends at our table every year,” Randi says. She enjoys baking pies with her daughter, Emma, and decorating the table for the big feast. “Incorporating fall colors, fresh floral and crystal glassware are all a must!”

Travis Groome, The ONE Real Estate Group

Travis comes from a family with both Jewish and Christian heritage that revolves around tradition. “One of our traditions is having our teenage triplets each create a ‘memory box,’ which is a fun reminder of all that has happened in the past year as they begin to observe the Hanukkah and Christmas holiday season.”

Traci Bumpus, Merril Lynch

“Every year my family gets together for Thanksgiving. We eat roast turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes and stuffing, and the basset hound waits by our feet for scraps from the kids. After dinner, we pull out the pumpkin pie … and the bingo set. We play for presents and bragging rights. Some of us have better attention to detail than others, so it’s more a game of skill than one might think. We finish the evening with coffee and sometimes a movie, always a lot of laughing and talking about how much bigger the little ones are and how the dog did a great job of not stealing the meat till after dinner.”