Inspired Kitchens and Wine Storage 4

Homeowners Create a Bespoke Luxury Lifestyle

Bellevue offers the best of a curated lifestyle. All the amenities you expect from a great metropolis—fine dining, arts and culture—with the added bonus of glorious water views, stunning mountains, marinas to moor your yacht and best-in-class luxury homes. The desire for the discerning homeowner to create something utterly bespoke has never been more prevalent. It’s about the Bellevue lifestyle, and kitchens and wine storage take center stage.

Gone are dark basement wine cellars and overly ornate kitchens. True luxury is about creativity and taste as exhibited in the burgeoning trends. The heart of the home is now the luxurious hub of the home with open-plan living, high-end finishes and technological innovation.

“White kitchens are forever,” Randi Weidner, broker with Avenue Properties, says. “They not only have a current cult following but they’ve been in style for decades. Whether you’re doing natural stone like the usual suspects, Calcutta and Carrara, or a more impervious quartz variety, white kitchens are the perfect, quintessential backdrop to any home.”

For the very high net worth buyers, a top-of-the-line kitchen that rivals kitchens of high-class restaurants is the only way to go. The right appliances, layout and design with adjoining wine cellars, pantries, sculleries and butler pantries add even greater value. Imagine your own kitchen where you, or your chef, can accomplish what was previously thought only possible in five-star restaurants.

Seasoned luxury home specialist Monte Burris, founder of Trust Realty Group, Keller Williams, has teams in Toronto and Bellevue. With a dual market focus, he knows his stuff. 

“The kitchen distinguishes one home from another,” he says. “Masters and en suites are dreamy, pools and theatres breathtaking, but kitchens are the centerpiece of the home–where parties start and end, the family gathers and memories are made.”

What makes a multimillionaire pull out his checkbook in 2017? According to Burris, it’s form and function. 

“Form—white, grays, creams and hints of warmth hidden within earth stones; marble mainly, organic, rich and buttery, the more exotic veins, the better. Think ‘leathered’ or ‘flamed’ where the rich grains of the ancient marble are revealed after powerful pressure hosing of water or fire flame thrown against remove impurities and produce a surface smooth like river rock but textured and warm with a buttery delight you cannot help but run your hands across.”

 “And function,” Burris continues, “Grand islands crafted to host your luxe spread and commune with close friends. Sinks need to be deep and double; a working, bar and washing sink is ideal. Two kitchens, one for the chefs hidden behind a butler’s pantry and one for entertaining or for show where the magic happens. Your hardware is handcrafted stainless steel, nickel, copper or brass—one-of-kind made of artisan care, like jewelry placed carefully to accent the function of the cabinetry. A natural wide-cut herringbone wood floor—ornate yet masculine and inviting. All capped off with the right mood lighting for inspiration.”

Clearly, according to those in the know, our discerning luxury homeowner has choices. Whatever you want can be yours, no matter how outrageous your desire. 

Technology is here and millennials, a growing population in luxury homes, insist on innovation.

“Whether a high-end buyer, a custom luxury estate home or multiple homes for a global traveler, the kitchen is always the heart of the home,” luxury home specialist Travis Groome, founder of The ONE Real Estate Group, Keller Williams Bellevue, says. “Kitchens and wine storage innovation have evolved to truly reflect the Bellevue lifestyle with timeless designs. And while quite refined in every regard, design does not overshadow functionality. Upper cabinets are motorized, motion sensor faucets, lighting is remotely controlled for seamless transition from prep to party.”

A wealth of smart kitchen gadgets transforms kitchens into top technology chef worthy spaces. Professional-grade appliances, touchscreen controls, NASA-inspired air purification systems, visual, audio and IT integration is seamless with hidden control pads and furniture designed with fast-charging cordless pads, integrated LCD screens and apps that can be programmed to give a virtual nudge.

“The greatest trend is one that truly makes the heart of your home comfortable for your lifestyle and balances the design elements with the functionality of life,” Groome says.

Another absolute must is wine storage and for the luxury home, style is still dictated by the tastes of the owner. These days, when it comes to wine collecting, if you’ve got it flaunt it. Luxury clients in the Pacific Northwest have exquisite wine collections and a desire to showcase their collection without compromise. 

If you are a serious collector, investing in luxury wine storage makes perfect sense. Bellevue restaurants have long used wine storage as a showcase piece. Wine collections have moved from basement cellars and out of sight to front and center for all to see. Glass-enclosed wine rooms and modern wine walls have become the ultimate status symbol.

Designed for the epicurean, eastside kitchen and wine storage trends speak volumes to an inspired home design at its most exceptional, boasting outstanding appointments within an idyllic setting that caters to every luxury while creating something special to highlight the unique verve that is the Bellevue lifestyle.