Sea Gals 17

Meet Six Spirited Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders

Downtown Bellevue Park, the modern and peaceful neighborhood landmark should be difficult to surpass in beauty, and it was … until Sea Gals Bianca, Kristin, Olivia, Michelle, Hannah and Kelsey arrived. Nearing the golden hour on a calm and warm Bellevue weeknight, I was greeted by six sparkling gals, the Sea Gals.

All living or working in the area, these ladies are no strangers to Bellevue. Balancing full-time jobs and social lives with serving as Seattle’s finest cheerleaders, these six Sea Gals all showcase what being a woman of many talents looks like.

Attending events, serving the community, and leading the Seahawks fans, these six women are rays of light within Bellevue. With football officially here, the Gals are busier than ever as the 2018 season is underway.

“I look forward to dancing and performing for our fans on CenturyLink Field!” Hannah Tripp, returning for her second year as a Sea Gal says of this upcoming season. “Dance has always been a passion of mine, so I feel incredibly lucky to be able to live out my dreams by performing in front of thousands of people as an NFL cheerleader again!”

You may seem them dining in your favorite spots, working in your building, or shining on the sidelines as they help you cheer on your favorite NFL team. These six Sea Gals are local women bringing more than just cheer to your neighborhood.


Hometown: Olympia, Washington

College: South Puget Sound Community College

Occupation: Patient service representative

Sea Gal Season: Second

Where can we find you grabbing lunch in Bellevue?

You will often find me grabbing lunch at the Bellevue Cactus. Mexican food is my absolute favorite! The best item on the menu is their grilled skirt steak salad. The vegetables are super fresh and the steak is cooked to perfection just the way I like it. Their salsa is also one of the best I’ve had. Definitely a must-go if you like Mexican!

How has being a Sea Gal changed you?

I used to be very shy before I was on Sea Gals. Now it is my absolute favorite thing when I get to meet 12s. I love talking and interacting and hearing people’s stories. Before, I would be afraid to speak with strangers and now I’m happy to talk to anyone. This experience has really brought me out of being shy. I think it is because Seahawk fans and Seattle fans, in general, create such a close-knit community. A simple “Go Hawks” from a stranger can spark up an entire conversation and create friendships that normally wouldn’t have happened.


Hometown: Olympia, Washington

College: Western Washington University

Occupation: Patient service representative

Sea Gal Season: Fifth

When you aren’t out on the field- what are you doing around town?

When I’m not on the field I love staying active and spending as much time with the people I love as possible! One of my favorite things to do is take dance classes at local studios so I can explore different styles of dance. I also love to get out and explore the city in any way I can.

What do you look forward to most on game day?

What I look forward to most on game day is performing for the 12s and vibing off of their energy! There is really no feeling like being out on the field. I still get chills every time I step out of our locker room!


Hometown: Milwaukie, Oregon

College: University of Oregon

Occupation: Consultant

Sea Gal Season: Third

Where in Bellevue would be your perfect date spot?

John Howie’s Steak House! I love their food and we always go there for special occasions. The service is always wonderful.

What has been your favorite event that you have attended as a Sea Gal?

Super Bowl 48 back in 2013! This was the year that we were in New York and won! It was the coolest experience ever and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of that and a part of this organization.


Hometown: Spokane, Washington

College: University of Idaho and Eastern Washington University

Occupation: Second-grade teacher

Sea Gal Season: Second

What is your favorite Bellevue ice cream spot?

I’m a big fan of Ben and Jerry’s, and will stop there any time I can!

What was most appealing to you about becoming a Sea Gal?

The Sea Gals are—and have always been—a group of beautiful, mature, intelligent women that I have looked up to throughout the years. The part that was most appealing to me was how they represent the Seahawks throughout the community and on the field on game days!


Hometown: Bothell, Washington

College: University of Washington

Occupation: Pure Barre Teacher and Manager

Sea Gal Season: Second

Do you brunch in Bellevue? Where?

I’ve never brunched in Bellevue, believe it or not, but I’m obsessed with Juice and Glow! It’s the best smoothie and juice bar around and I go there way too often for morning/afternoon pick-me-ups! Can I count that as brunch?

How do you like giving back to the Seahawk community?

The most rewarding part about being a Sea Gal is connecting with our 12s around the community. As a Sea Gal, we’re involved in charity fundraisers and community outreach which may include hospital or school visits, 12 Tours where we travel and spread the Seahawk spirit and much, much more! It’s truly an honor being able to do what you love and give back to the best fans in the NFL!


Hometown: Seattle, Washington

College: Seattle University

Occupation: Business owner and personal trainer

Sea Gal Season: Seventh

What do you appreciate most about Seahawk fans?

We truly have amazing fans! I appreciate how they are so loyal and continue to follow and support us year after year. Whether it’s an event or on game day, they bring the best energy which makes my job that much more fun!

What are your personal goals as a Sea Gal this season?

While I am always working to be the best performer and entertainer I can be, another one of my goals is to enjoy and take in every moment of being a Sea Gal as if it were my first and last season. There are so many great experiences that we get to have, from getting involved in the community to performing on game day, and I truly cherish them all.