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Carolyn Yuen Marino

“Hello! I’m Carolyn Yuen Marino of My blog celebrates the “pretty things” in life, and it serves as a reminder for me to slow down, enjoy life, and pursue beauty – whether that comes in the form of wearing a fun top, being engrossed in a good conversation, or traveling to a new city. My blog is mostly about personal style, beauty and travel.”

Avi Soor

Suited Soor is a menswear blog created by Avi Soor from Seattle Gents, focusing on professional men’s fashion in the corporate work environment. Avi aims to educate and inspire individuals to be creative with their fashion in the Seattle area.

Breanne Rice

“You have to love yourself in the way you are, uniquely and individually. When you learn to love that person and not compare yourself to anyone else, that’s where true confidence comes in. #vitiligo”