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Linda Schoener & Kate Spade—A Match Made in Design heaven

Stepping inside the Henredon & Schoener Lincoln Square showroom, you would never know that 41 years earlier this business started as an upholstery shop within Linda Schoener’s garage.

Linda, a wife, mother, grandmother and an interior designer began her family business many years prior. It has since transformed into the most beautifully designed and furnished empire that Bellevue has ever seen.

With multiple rooms, each space is designed to awe customers and clients that enter. Designers such as Kelly Wearstler, Ralph Lauren and Jonathan Adler are just a few of the many high-end names that Henredon & Schoener carry. With no room alike, the imagination runs wild and free daydreaming of what pieces could go where.

“There is no right answer, just like fashion,” Linda says.

As Linda walks through each room, she was inspiring, speaking with grace and much knowledge about her passion, work and life—interior design.

From old trends to new trends, “Everything started with fashion and just transferred into home furnishings,” Linda says.

“Like fashion, home furnishing is functioning art,” Linda says, making her way into the Kate Spade-inspired room. “I don’t think material things make you happy, but I certainly think making your space fit you and bring you joy is a great start,” Linda says.

Featuring a fashion forward brand such as Kate Spade demonstrates how expansive Henredon & Schoener really is.

“The fashion in here is very fun. The colors—living with this much color is just so fun,” Linda says, taking in all that the room had to offer, showing a range of unique yet chic pieces the look as a whole comes together as gorgeous as your favorite outfit.

With such a high clientele, Henredon & Schoener’s showroom items come and go quickly. This Kate Spade-inspired room and pieces shown can be found in their Lincoln Square showroom or online store, HenredonSchoener.com.