Inspired by Bellevue.

Welcome to the premiere issue of Bellevue Lifestyle, where we’re inspired by community, and hope this magazine inspires you, too!

We’re thrilled to be your source for all things local here in Bellevue.

As you flip through these pages, you’ll be drawn into the incredible stories behind the people and places that call Bellevue home.

From the carefully crafted food being served up at local restaurants like The Lakehouse, Carmine’s and Taylor Shellfish, to the beautiful home remodels happening in Clyde Hill, Medina and Bridle Trails; from start-ups and successful businesses such as Apptio, OfferUp and WeWork to local artists, designers and fashionistas and their inspired creations, Bellevue Lifestyle serves as a guide not only to the people of the community but of the businesses and services sustaining it.

As we take the time to put these issues together from month to month, you—the readers—will always be in our minds. We strive to bring you the good news of the Bellevue community—to fill the pages of this magazine with the people and stories you care about—and we can’t wait for you to join us each month.

With that, we leave you with a challenge: Get inspired by the local creations all around you. Venture down the street, try a new restaurant, stop in a locally owned store and explore everything Bellevue has to offer.

We promise it will be worth it, and we can’t wait to see you around!